Thursday, February 22, 2018

Today’s battle...

I was able to watch today’s close battle via FaceTime!  Congratulations Stupendous Sloths and Tiny Teacups for your courageous battle!
And congratulations to Tiny Teacups for the win!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Smith Spokesman 

Upcoming events/dates: 

Feb. 19 - Holiday - President’s Day - NO SCHOOL   Feb. 27 - BizTown !   

Call for 5th grader baby photos and yearbook orders!

It’s a Maplewood yearbook tradition! Until the end of February you can submit a baby or toddler pic of your 5th grader to: You can also include a brief congratulatory message, inspirational quote, or something completely silly—it’s up to you! Browse yearbooks from prior years if you need some ideas. If you need a paper pic scanned, please email that address and I’ll contact you to get it scanned. And it’s not too late to order yearbooks! Leave $20 in cash or check (made out to Maplewood PTA) in the office. Be sure to write your child’s name and teacher on the envelope. Questions? Contact Jill Gipp at


Please bring 3-5 items to donate to this crafty project. The items will not be returned – so choose them wisely! 

(You won’t get them back)

EYE SPY…. with my little eye…. something that is...

Thursday, February 8, 2018

♥ Class Valentine List ♥

♥  Class Valentine List  ♥

  1. Grace
  2. Etta
  3. Eliott
  4. Sophia
  5. Addie
  6. Solomon
  7. Teia
  8. Jacob
  9. Gabe
  10. Lillian
  11. Autumn
  12. Owen H.
  13. Natalie
  14. Stella
  15. Nolan
  16. Caiden
  17. Everett
  18. Jake
  19. Emma
  20. Dylan
  21. Sophie
  22. Milo
  23. McKenna
  24. Kylan
  25. Jack
  26. Ava
  27. Porter
  28. Brooke
  29. Kaia
  30. Sam
  31. Owen W.
  32. Cooper

The Smith Spokesman Volume VIII Number 22

The Smith Spokesman

Volume VIII  Number 22                              February 9, 2018                                       Always Free!

Image result for valentine mailbox outline
Upcoming events/dates:
Feb. 14 - ♥ 5th grade Valentine Party ♥
Feb. 16 - Field Trip to NWCT
Feb. 19 - Holiday - President’s Day       
Feb. 27 - BizTown !  21 CHAPERONES in total!

Check out our class blog:

February 14th♥ 5th grade Valentine Party!  We will be having a Valentine Party next Wednesday afternoon.  Please bring Valentine’s to share.  Also, please remember your manners and bring one for each of our 32 students.  Names and correct spelling on other side of this newsletter.  Feel free to make your own mailbox at home.

February Monthly Genre:  Musicians! Either book or web research ok - sources must be cited.
See class blog and google classroom for details.  Due March 2nd.

Writing:  Research for musician speech.  See google classroom for details.

Math:  Unit 6 Post-Test was taken.  Next up:  Division of fractions by whole numbers and division of whole numbers by fractions.

Fieldtrip Feb. 16:  Once again we are heading to Northwest Children’s Theatre to see Chitra:  The Girl Prince.  Featuring epic martial arts sequences and a wide range of dance styles, Chitra tells the story of a warrior princess who struggles to stay true to herself while balancing her responsibility to her people with the call of true love.  Perfect for Valentine season, eh?

BizTown Feb. 27:  Is right around the corner!  We have begun preparing for our big day when we simulate being a citizen of BizTown and a productive member of society.  Students learn banking, work ethics, and work hard!

The Smith Spokesman Volume VIII Number 21

The Smith Spokesman

Volume VIII  Number 21                               February 2, 2018                                       Always Free!

Upcoming events/dates:
Feb. 14 - ♥ 5th grade Valentine Party ♥
Feb. 16 - Field Trip to Northwest Children’s Theatre  
CHAPERONES:  Nan Curtis and Kim Searcy
Feb. 19 - Holiday - President’s Day       
Feb. 27 - BizTown

Check out our class blog:

Reading:  February Monthly Genre?  Musicians! Either book or web research.

Writing:  Summary for their award winning novel was due this week.   S  W  B  S

Math:  Unit 6 = Fractions, Decimals & Percents.  This week we focused on fractions and their percent and decimal equivalents.   ¼     25%    0.25   *    ⅕     20%     0.20   

Scientific Method:  First experiment?  Swingers complete.  Second?  Skittles.  
“A procedure consisting of question, hypothesis, measurement & testing, analysis and conclusion.”
 Image result for google classroom
Google Classroom:  Many of your students assignments can be viewed directly in google classroom.  As their parent you were ‘invited’ to join last fall.  If you need another ‘invite’ let me know.  Assignments are often scored, graded and commented on directly into students’ account.  

Parent-Student-Teacher CONFERENCE sign-ups

Parent-Student-Teacher CONFERENCES 2018